hvala obajdin

It’s really late, but I really need to write this down.

It’s been years since I am getting online, 
chatting, talking to friends,
15 or 16 I think,
and I gotta admit that there have occurred lots of positive and negative things.
today I will remember the positive side of all of this,
maybe the most positive thing that has happened to me,
among other 2, so i think I have my top 3.

I am known to be a proud metalhead,
and sometimes I feel like I am, I can’t argue with this.

The other day, one of my co-workers asked me,
if I am a metalhead, how can I like all this alternative music,
like muse/arctic monkeys/radiohead/Interpol/bon jovi (hell no).

Just by naming some of the above artists,
the answer, to me at least, is so obvious.

It’s because of a slipknot signature,
it’s because we got into the storm, listening to a pop-metal band.

To this day, I can’t say that I regret doing all these things,
to the contrary, I am kinda proud of the people I got to meet back then.

But I haven’t met you, I am just talking to you,
trying to communicate in a foreign language to you,
cuz this is the only way.

I was always into pop music, I still am,
and I was always into the british stuff like oasis/blur/verve.
but there was a turning point, metal music got the deeper end of my heart,
so at one point I was into the lungs of (hell) metal,
and nothing seemed that could turn the whole thing around.
and then, there was silence.

The next thing I remember is you,
having a crush on some new band,
sending me songs via msn, and forcing me to listen to them.
thank god you are so persistent,
thank god the song you had a crush was leif erikson..

It blew my mind.

The lyrics, the atmosphere, the whole feeling,
it was something new to me, it was like you opened a door for me,
you showed me a new place, somewhere I had never been.

By the way, the thought that triggered this text was the new arctic monkeys album,
and how they have changed/evolved with us through the years,
how I was when I first listened to them, how I am now,
what things I liked back then, what things now..

Still to this day,
the wheel keeps spinning,
but one thing is still the same.

You never gave up on me,
and I never gave up on you.
it may look silly, it may look weird to some,
but there is a saying in my team’s fans:
we don’t care what they say about you, cuz they don’t know how we feel for you.

So, to get back at the main topic,
I started listening to music I wouldn’t listen by myself,
I started exploring something new,
something that was full of a hrvatska girl,
not turbo folk (yeah baby), but indie rock.
(I still expect that party song list, it’s 4 years now I think)

This is why I listen to bastille,
this is why I can say today that I listen to arctic monkeys since 2007 (hipster alert on),
this is why I still get the chills when I listen to the new (hipster alert off).

You have been my music gps for almost 10 years,
and this is something I really miss for the last 2 months,
due to a certain lack of an internet connection,
which will be fixed in a few weeks, I promise.

I know that I could write all these things, attach them in a mail,
and sent it to you, but I didn’t feel like this,
besides it’s been 2 years since I wrote a post in the English language.
In a few weeks we will celebrate out 10th anniversary,
and since we can’t get drunk together,
consider this as my e-gift to you :p

You have my respect for the person you are,
the person you were,
the person you remained, beside all the changes that have occurred,
you are the star in our sky that shows us the (right) way.

I will always be grateful for all these things Nevena.
I literally bow down to you, so hvala.
hvala Nevena.

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