a real live Dead one

μου ζητήθηκε, και το ζήτησα,
αυτή η ανάρτηση να είναι στην γλώσσα της αγγλικής,
καθώς θα χρειαστεί να διαβαστεί και απο ανθρώπους που δεν ξέρουν ελληνικά.
ναι, υπάρχουν και τέτοιοι.

so, for a start...

dobra večer i laku noć.

i was raised with greek music, i love greek music.
Not all of it, but a great part of it.
And i used to see myself in lots of gigs, plenty of live performances.

And this is the topic of this post,
how many times we are part, in what we call, a live experience.
With our "local' music, the greek music,
it is easier to see a band, or an artist, live.
Listen to a new album, and then wait for the artist to come to your city,
or somewhere near, in order to listen to  the new album, played live.
This can be done with greek music.

But, here is the catch, this can only be done with local artists.

i said it before, i enjoy greek music,
but i also enjoy foreign music.

And, unfortunately, i like new artists, new bands,
guys that are in their 20's, and have their own idea of a live performance,
of writing an album.

And if i want to see them live, i just can't.
i watch bands having european tours, and it's like we don't exist...!!
spain, italy, and then austria, germany..

i have to take a plane, to watch a live of a band i like.
Bands like Arctic Monkeys, Interpol, The Strokes..
They have major success, worldwide, still, here it's like they don't exist.

Plenty of things can be said about this.
The companies can say that they are expensive, they won't afford a concert here.
Still, i see gigs, like the James gigs here, few months before,
having 40 € to pay for!! they were here, at Thessaloniki, for 3 days in a row,
with the first 2 days sold out, and still they want 40 euros for entrance.
A band that has 9 years to release a good album.
The question here is, if James were to come in "pleased to meet you" tour,
how much would the ticket be?

Of course i don't buy this "we can't afford" excuse.

Nobody in the business is willing to be serious about gigs,
and i really think that we will see again and again bands like Scorpions and Iron Maiden.
It is really funny, bands without even a new record, coming here and staying for the summer,
and having gigs around greece..
i bet they see it as their free vacations. and we help them,
we make it so easy for them to bring them here, again and again,
every year, sometimes two times per year..

The balkan tour of Editors can be seen as something hopeful,
and let's hope that there will be more of it in the future.

But i can't say that i am optimistic about the future.
And consider the fact that i don't live in the capital,
where almost every concert is held.
That means almost an extra of 150 € for me...
and these are the obvious money to spent, the buses, the food...

i really don't know what should be done here,
if there is a way to see active bands, not dead ones.
The only way is to travel abroad.
Which is nice, it sounds amazing to be accurate,
but the money to spend are also amazingly high.

So, we are left to nag here,
or left to rot, like someone said...

and, like you said, i will watch live performances @ youtube now.
that's the solution...

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